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10 Largest Armies In The World

Largest Army In the World- China


The top spot in the world’s largest army listing is unsurprisingly claimed by the most populous country in the globe, the People’s Republic of China. The nation has been known not only for its vast territorial domains and enormous population number but for its huge military troops as well. Established in 1927, China’s People’s Liberation Army is composed of the PLA Ground Force, PLA Navy, Second Artillery Corps, Armed Police, and the PLA Air Force. It was recently said to employ approximately 2,285,000 active personnel.

Its manpower consists of citizens aged between 18 to 49 years old. While the Chinese government compels all men above the age of majority to serve in the armed forces, there are actually those who chose to render their services voluntarily. China’s well-trained army is also one of the strongest armies in the world, with extensive weaponry and military resources. It is said to have 8,500 tanks, 61 submarines, 54 surface ships, and 4,000 fighter jets. China is indeed all-out in spending for a well-equipped militia.

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