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10 WWE Storylines That Turned Into Real Life Shoots

Triple H and Stephanie Marriage-WWE Storylines That Turned Into Real Life Shoots

Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Marriage

In the late 90’s the WWF decided that it would be a good idea to have Triple H marry Stephanie McMahon in storylines. It led to an elevation of character for Hunter, with anything McMahon related being good for business in that period. It also made a star out of Stephanie, who went from rookie to major character very quickly. It achieved its aim, with the McMahon Helmsley storyline leading to Hunter and Stephanie as Champions at WrestleMania 2000.

However, behind the scenes, the story wasn’t stopping. Hunter and Steph started to fall in love for real. This was quite the controversy, firstly Hunter was already involved in a relationship with Chyna, secondly it was just a bad idea in general to sleep with the daughter of the boss.

Moving forward with the relationship both on screen and off screen, the couple got serious. Coincidentally Chyna was released from the WWF around the same time and Hunter suddenly became the most pushed star of the period. Just like they did on WWF television, the pair eventually married for real in 2003.

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