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11 Things Justin Bieber Wasn't Arrested For... But Should've Been

Animal Abuse-Things Justin Bieber Wasn't Arrested For... But Should've Been

Animal Abuse

While travelling to Germany for his Believe tour, Bieber's ultra-adorable, 14-week-old pet monkey Mally was seized by customs after the singer couldn't provide the proper paperwork. The chimp was quarantined in the country, but Bieber pushed on with the tour and left her behind. Days later, a rep for animal protection group, Animal Public, declared, "Mally is only 14 weeks old. Separating her from her mother and taking a living, cuddly toy on tour can only be described as animal cruelty." Bieber owed several thousand euros for leaving Lil' Mally and now the animal is living a northern German zoo. Poor, poor Mally.

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