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11 Things That Only Amateur Footballers Will Understand[9/11]

The Importance of Tape-Things That Only Amateur Footballers Will Understand

The Importance Of Tape

If there’s one bit of kit (other than your actual kit) which you’ve relied upon at one point in your amateur career or another, it’s tape. Enter any changing room in the country on a match day and you’ll inevitably hear someone desperately yelling five minutes before kick-off, ‘who’s got tape!?’

Tape, despite its easy accessibility and affordability, is gold dust. It’s equally adept at keeping your shin pads from slipping as it is at preventing your socks from falling down. Its versatility puts most Sunday leaguers to shame.

Just try not to be the one who actually brings the tape, as you’ll likely spend the entire pre-match ritual zigzagging between needy players like a rogue pinball. And if you’re not keeping tabs on it, you’ll be worried sick about your tape being taken. You certainly don’t want to have to go full Liam Neeson before a ball’s even been lumped.

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