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11 Things You Need To Know About The Ebola Epidemic That’s Killing Thousands

Ravaging the West African Nations-Things You Need To Know About The Ebola Epidemic That’s Killing Thousands

Ebola is primarily ravaging the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal

Authorities in these nations have scrambled to contain the disease. In Sierra Leone, the government quarantined a third of the entire population — about 2 million people — in an effort to fight the disease. The quarantine came after Sierra Leone had previously declared a state of emergency and deployed troops to clinics.

In Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency over Ebola on Aug. 8. Jonathan also approved the release of 1.9 billion naira ($11.7 million) to contain the disease through an intervention plan.

By Sept. 30, the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria appeared to be contained, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The situation in Senegal was “stable” at the end of September, the World Health Organization reported.

Liberia hasn’t been so successful; President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf declared a state of emergency Aug. 6, but by the end of September experts warned that the disease had nevertheless taken the country to the brink of complete meltdown.

The CDC had a standing warning against nonessential travel to the affected countries. The U.S. Peace Corps also evacuated hundreds of its volunteers in affected countries.

A separate, unrelated outbreak of Ebola has also appeared in Congo.

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