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15 Celebrities You Had No Idea Went To Prison[15/15]

Jane Fonda-Celebrities You Had No Idea Went To Prison

Jane Fonda

In 1970, actress Jane Fonda was placed in jail in Cleveland. At this time it was only a couple of years after the release of Barbarella, and in fact when it happened she still had her hair styled in the same manner as she wore in the film Klute, which was released in 1971. At the time her arrest spread across national headlines and seemed to be hoped in some quarters that the scandal would discredit her.

According to Fonda, she was arrested at the United States border after a speaking engagement against the Vietnam War in Canada. She had a national tour planned and it seemed that a drugs charge would make people turn away. I think rather sums up the idiocy of the authorities back then – why on Earth would a drugs charge make people not attend a protest against a Vietnam War? Stereotypically they were all hippies, so wouldn’t that make people go even more? The idea didn’t work, and the attendances bloomed, with up to ten thousand people attending each event.

Although the newspapers claimed she was jailed for drug smuggling. In fact, the pills were all vitamins, and she only spent a single night in prison before being released on bond. The charges were later dropped and the news stories about her being let off naturally wasn’t on the front pages but buried deep in the press.

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