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4 Famous Celebrities That Have Legal Issues 2017

Chris Soules-- A Celebrity that has gotten into trouble with Law Enforcement

Chris Soules

This Celebrity Bachelor was recently involved in an automobile and tractor accident on a back road in Iowa.  The driver of the Tractor was thrown into a ditch, and was bleeding from his mouth.  Chris performed CPR on him, and felt a pulse, but later, after EMT's arrived, the driver of the Tractor was pronounced dead.  Chris left the scene of the accident once EMT's arrived, and then proceeded to hide in his house from police for hours.  Chris is charged with leaving the scene of an accident when one of the person's involved was killed, which is a Felony in Iowa.  Currently, he is facing Felony charges, and his attorney's are starting to defend him.  The law enforcement agencies in the county for which he was involved in the accident, are not playing nice, they are going after the full punishment for his unlawful actions.

This is just another incidence of Celebrity's taking up a lot of headline space in the media for having been involved with Law Enforcement.  We just have to wonder why Celebrity's want to reach out, act out, do wierd, and sometimes stupid things and then get themselves landed in prision.  I guess being famous doesn't necessairly mean that you make good decisions, or that being famous doesn't mean you are necessairly a good person, or necessairly a model citizen, after all.

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