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5 Things Interstellar’s Science Gets Right

Multiple World is a Thing-Things Interstellar’s Science Gets Right

Multiple Worlds is a Thing

The hard science Kip Thorne brought to the table helped to elevate sci-fi concepts to a more realistic level. Take, for example, the concept of alternate universes and multiple worlds that’s hinted at within the wormhole that gets torn in the fabric of space time, the tesseract Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper finds himself in after travelling through the black hole, and the fifth dimensional beings that are helping humanity get their butts off of the failing Earth.

The concept of multiple worlds has been floated for decades, originally put into words by Hugh Everett (weirdly, the father of miserabilist indie rocker Eels) and since developed by applying concepts of quantum physics, the CERN hadron collider and random radioactive decay into the soup of scientific theory. What appears to be one of the more loopy, broad and unrealistic aspects of Interstellar is actually rooted in a hypothesis that’s been around since 1957, and continues to develop.

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