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Hot Pics and things you didn't know about Gabby Westbrook

Gabby Westbrook--A Beautiful Profile Shot

A very simple girl...

Gabby is a very simple girl, and can be amused and pleased by being in a certain place, or by striking a certain pose.  Although she says she would get into 'Interior Design' or the Arts if she wasn't modeling, her version of her back-up plan to modeling would require much more from her than what she has become accustomed to, intellectually.  Most likely, the most difficult parts of her career are striking various poses for demanding photographers, learning to pose a certain way that highlights her natural beauty, smiling, and controlling her facial features to desired effect, and of course, standing half-naked in places around the world for very long hours.  She also has to travel quite frequently, and must 'adjust' to different locale's light-levels, and 'time-zones', and so has most likely had to learn to stay positive and enthusiastic and up-beat even when she is very, very tired.

She is very in-tune with her body, and as such, has created a career 'controlling' how she looks, so she is admired the world-around for her physical beauty.  All in all, a very simple girl. 

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