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Taylor Swift Explains Why She Gave Up on Men After Dating Harry Styles

Even Kanye West stealing the microphone from her didn't hurt more than this. Taylor Swift recently opened up to Us Weekly about the hot messes known as her past relationships, and how all she wants is for people to focus on her music rather than her dating life.

Taylor hasn't dated anyone since her infamous breakup with One Direction's Harry Styles back in 2013, and there's a reason for it. "It broke my heart, I was selling out stadiums and it was all people talked about," she recently spilled to the mag. "Now people talk less about the things that don't matter," she added.

But do they? Since Taylor's big 1989 album dropped last month, its music and song lyrics have been the big talk like everywhere. The dating life chit chat hasn't completely gone away, either. Sorry, Tay.

There was still tons of chatter that some of the new songs on the album were totally about her relationship with Harry. She actually told Us that not every song is based on a real-life situation or guy.

When it comes to the song "All You Had to Do Was Stay," she admitted that that one is based on a dream even though it seems like it could be about a real-life love. Hmm, maybe dream guy is who she's been waiting for?

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