We are back ...

We are back to work on Bebi Viral!  We will be actively writing articles on our popular site!  We also addressed some issues that had to do with logins and registrations.  We would like to see people posting in the forums and having any kind of conversation that you would like.  

Bebi Viral now has over 10,000 pages of content

Bebi Viral now has over 10,000 pages of content!  This is just amazing because we never thought it would  become a reality.  However, with constant writing of articles, day by day, we were able to amass 10,000 pages of writing in a year.  So next year, expect 20,000 pages of viral content.  Also, the site keeps getting more and more listings on the search engine, driving even more traffic to this site.  Bebi Viral is becoming more and more popular also.

We posted over 7 WWE articles

We recently posted over 7 WWE articles, like  we said we would.  WWE articles give Bebi Viral a lot of traffic, and that amount keeps growing.  Look through the main list of articles on the home page, and scroll through the articles, and see what we posted when it comes to the WWE.  Some of the articles have already become the most popular on the site for all time.  You can see those on the right side of the page for desktop view and down near the bottom for  smartphone layouts.

Bebi Viral keeps getting love

Ohh yes.... Bebi Viral keeps getting put higher and higher on the list of searches across  And thanks to people  like you our site is  becoming more and more popular.  Thank you.  Bebi Viral's traffic  continues to grow at  the rate of about 150% a month, and the growth has been pretty consistent.  We will continue to add articles that you just might like to  share, and it looks like we will  be around for years to come.


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