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17 Haunting Photos Of People Moments Before Their Death[4/17]

Jane Wicker-Haunting Photos Of People Moments Before Their Death

Jane Wicker

I think everyone had seen pictures, or heard of, or even seen Jane Wicker perform.  She was a famous wing walker that performed over the past years.  However, while she was performing at the Vectren Dayton Air Show, while in an upside-down position of the bi-plane, the wing she was suspended on suddenly banked down, and the plane fell to a firey frendsy.  Both the pilot and Jane Wicker died instantantaneously.  She was an active wing-walker up until this 2013 crash with Charlie Schwenker.  It goes to show, really how dangerous not only wing-walking can be, but also air shows too--ocassionally there will be a crash or accident.  This is most likely due to the pilots pushing their airplanes to limits, or attempting dangerous maneuvers, usually from pushing their aircraft to the limits of their engineering.  Although, for the most part, airshows are generally safe.  Accidents such as this are uncommon.

Lee (not verified)

The comments about airshows being "dangerous" is ridiculous. Who ever wrote it knows nothing about airshows. I'm happy to discuss the facts with you, if you'd like to respond.

I'd have to agree.  Although,

I'd have to agree.  Although, I hear occasionally of accidents that occur at the shows.  The article has been duly edited to allude to the common safety of air shows.

Anthony (not verified)
I'd like to know...

What are the facts of airshows? really? I've never been to one. Could you illuminate this subject just a little here? Thanks.

Bill (not verified)
Jane Wicker Crash

Aircraft are designed and built a certain way in order to fly. They are not meant to be unbalanced by having a human being sitting on the tip of one wing. The weight and drag of a person would have an enourmous adverse effect on the stability of an aircraft. A very sad accident but irresponsible behaviour.

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